Clinical Experience for MS(N), DNP and Graduate Certificates

All DNP and MS(N) clinical experience programs are under the supervision of an approved clinical preceptor. The preceptor policy can be found in the link to the right while additional program specific preceptor qualifications and student-preceptor-faculty relationship guidelines can be found in the MS/DNP Graduate Certificate Handbook.

Clinical Experience Steps:

Note: Forms listed are linked below.

1. Review the Clinical Preceptor Policy. 

2. Review the Clinical Site and Preceptor Requirements for Graduate Courses.

3. Students are responsible for acquiring their own preceptors. Once a preceptor is identified, a Preceptor Application and Clinical Agency Contract must be completed. States that have clinical restrictions placed by Boards of Nursing are unable to be used for clinical classes.  See the states board of nursing website or State Authorization at Missouri Online. You will need to send one of the following preceptor application links to your preceptor(s):

– Psychiatric Mental Health courses N8610, N8620, N8640, N8680, N8980 (only mental health) and N9070 (only mental health) will use the Preceptor Application and Contract for Psychiatric Mental Health.
– All other courses, not listed above, will use the Preceptor Application and Contract.

4. Preceptors are responsible for reviewing the Graduate Clinical Preceptor Guide.

5. Review the list of clinical agencies (to determine if a written contract is already in place). If no agency contract is in place, have your preceptor submit the Preceptor Application and Agency Contract using one of the links above — at least 12 weeks prior to your clinical experience.

6. Once the Preceptor Application and Agency Contract are received, both the preceptor and clinical site must be approved by the course faculty prior to beginning ANY clinical experience.

Questions? Contact Us

For questions regarding preceptor applications and agency contracts contact Sherry Cass at 573-882-2416.