Undergraduate Research Opportunities

S.T.A.R. (Student Training for Advancing Research)

S.T.A.R. is a recognition program created by the Office of Undergraduate Research. If you earn your S.T.A.R., that means you have completed a series of Undergraduate Research Workshops. Learn more on how you can earn your S.T.A.R. as an undergraduate!

Essig Undergraduate Research Mentorship

The Ann Crowe Essig Undergraduate Nursing Research Mentorship Program is intended to encourage and support undergraduate nursing student participation in nursing research.

Participation in the research process allows the student to experience firsthand numerous aspects of nursing research with support from an experienced faculty researcher. The program will acquaint students with the research process and should serve as a stimulus for further investigation and education.

Students actively participate with faculty mentors on research projects.

The project culminates with an oral or poster presentation and a written description of the project. Students are required to present their research during an on campus research event. Presentation of the research poster must be completed within 6 months of finishing the research mentorship. Examples of on campus presentation opportunities include Class Research Project Day (end of each semester), Health Sciences Research Day (November), or ShowMe Research Week (April).

Each participating student will receive an hourly stipend for their 160 hours of work over the semester from the endowment in Mrs. Essig’s name.

For more information, please contact Dr. LeeAnne Sherwin, Director of Undergraduate Research and Honors Program at:  sherwinL@missouri.edu

Undergraduate Research Spotlight

Mizzou Nursing on the Rise, Emma Morrow. Discovery Fellow, STAR Recognition, AACN Critical Care Student Nursing Scholarship
Up-and-coming Mizzou Nursing student and researcher, says, “Both the entire nursing profession, as well as nurse researchers, have one goal in mind: to aid others in every way possible.”