Essig Research Mentorships

The Ann Crowe Essig Undergraduate Nursing Research Mentorship Program is intended to encourage and support undergraduate nursing student participation in nursing research.

Participation in the research process allows the student to experience firsthand numerous aspects of nursing research with support from an experienced faculty researcher. The program will acquaint students with the research process and should serve as a stimulus for further investigation and education.

Students actively participate with faculty mentors on research projects. Projects may be developed:

  • by a faculty member who invites a student to participate, or
  • by a faculty member posting a description of a project

Every effort is made to connect students and faculty with similar research interests.

This program will be conducted during the eight week summer session. Students selected for the program will be paid for 20 hours per week for an eight week summer session.

Faculty members should commit to regular and frequent meetings to provide adequate supervision. Student expectations should be established early and be written with a copy to both the faculty and the student.

The project culminates with an oral or poster presentation and a written description of the project. Students will have the opportunity to present their research during the Health Sciences Research Day at the MU Undergraduate Research Conference, as well as the Undergraduate Research Day at the Missouri State Capital.

Each participating student will receive a funding from the endowment in Mrs. Essig’s name. The student will be enrolled at the University but for no credit. This will allow students access to library services, computers and recreational facilities.

Students who have completed their fifth, sixth or seventh semesters, as well as RN students who have completed N4950 Nursing Theory and Research, are invited to apply.

Preference will be given to students mentored in the areas of oncology, lymphedema and women’s health issues. Students must have a cumulative 3.25 GPA.

  1. Complete the undergraduate mentorship application 
  2. A committee of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the BSN program director or other faculty member will select participants
  3. Applications are due to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs by the first Monday in April to be considered for summer session