Nursing Scholars Program

The MU Sinclair School of Nursing offers the Nursing Scholars Program for incoming freshman who are Honors College eligible. Applications for Nursing Scholars are sent out early in the students first semester on campus, eligibility requirements are:

  • Incoming MU freshman
  • Admitted to the Honors College (see Honors College for eligibility)

Nursing Scholars guaranteed admission to the clinical major if the following is achieved:

  • Maintain Honors College status
  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.7 (or higher) each semester
  • Admitted first time college student with a declared pre-nursing major
  • Complete 12 hours of Honors College courses during their pre-nursing semesters*
  • Must complete at least 8 hours shadowing in at least one area of nursing
  • Additional activities may be required of pre-nursing and clinical Nursing Scholar
    • Assist with nursing recruitment events
    • Attending seminars and/or educational opportunities
    • Volunteer and shadowing experiences (all pre-nursing students are required to submit a resume with these experiences included)

Before applying for clinical admission, six of the 12 Honors College credit hours must be completed and the student must have the remaining six hours credit in progress. The School of Nursing’s Academic Advisors will assist students to ensure they are on track.

Please note: Being admitted to the MU Honors College is NOT the same thing as being a Nursing Scholar. Honors College students do NOT have guaranteed admission into the clinical nursing courses; they must apply to become a Nursing Scholar. Nursing Scholars are given guaranteed admission into clinical nursing if they maintain all Honors College AND Nursing Scholars eligibility requirements (as stated above).