PhD Prepared Faculty

Postdoctoral Fellows

Roy Thompson


  • Preparing Future Faculty – Inclusive Excellence
  • Dissertation Award – 2023 Midwest Nursing Research Society, Gerontological Nursing Science Research and Implementation Interest Group
  • The Graduate School of Duke University COVID-19 Funding Extension (US$13,750.00), 2022
  • The Graduate School of Duke University Sixth Year Tuition Scholarship (US$4457.25), 2022
  • The Graduate School of Duke University COVID-19 Funding Extension (US$11,000.00), 2021
  • The Graduate School of Duke University Sixth Year Tuition Scholarship (US$4457.25), 2021
  • Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Fellowship (US$5000.00), 2021
  • Global Health Doctoral Certificate Field Research Grant, Duke Global Health Institute (US$4555.00), (Co-I), 2020
  • Summer 2020 PhD Program Student Pilot Award Duke University School of Nursing (US$500.00), (Co-I), 2020)
  • K. Steel Family Graduate Fellowships (US$5000.00), 2020
  • Teaching for Equity Fellowship (~US$5000.00), 2020
  • William and Janet Hunt Graduate Fellowship (US$5000.00), 2019
  • The Graduate School of Duke University Summer Research Fellowship (US$5000.00), 2018
  • The Graduate School of Duke University Summer Research Fellowship (US$5000.00), 2017

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Immigrant nurses in long-term care facilities often have more “human capital” compared to American-born nurses, SSON researcher finds

Findings can help create a more diverse, equitable workforce in nursing homes, which improves patient health outcomes.

Roy Thompson photo

Roy Thompson – Faculty Highlight

Nursing goals are strong in Roy Thompson. Improving the nursing home workforce while understanding the relationship between staffing, models of care and  health disparities among nursing homes residents that belong to racial and ethnic minoritized groups.


Research Faculty Made November a Month for Impressive Outreach

Faculty and student researchers at the Sinclair School of Nursing traveled to conferences during the month of November presenting and earning numerous awards.