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Mizzou becomes part of center to stream health care in place

Mizzou is the fifth university to join the National Science Foundation consortium.


Supportive communities can help increase breastfeeding rates for moms, SSON study finds

Findings can help boost support systems and education about the health benefits of breastfeeding, particularly in rural areas where breastfeeding is less common.

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Education on under-prescribed drug helps reduce cravings for those with alcohol use disorder, MU SSON study finds

MU SSON researcher examines impact of intervention to help people struggling with one of the most common psychiatric conditions.

school absenteeism

MU SSON researcher finds factors linked with chronic school absenteeism

Findings can help tailor interventions with the goal of increasing school attendance for at-risk youth.

Mizzou Nursing on the Rise, Emma Morrow. Discovery Fellow, STAR Recognition, AACN Critical Care Student Nursing Scholarship

Student Spotlight: Emma Morrow

Up-and-coming Mizzou Nursing student and researcher, says, "Both the entire nursing profession, as well as nurse researchers, have one goal in mind: to aid others in every way possible."

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2023 Named Endowments

The Sinclair School of Nursing (SSON) is happy to announce the following faculty are being recognized from named endowments. These named endowments are prestigious to the faculty and allow them either a salary enhancement or support for their work. Congratulations.


SSON grant will help ease nursing workforce shortage

$800,000 Missouri Department of Economic Development grant, running from 2023 to 2026, will train 300 MU students as nurse assistants within MU Health Care.