Curriculum (Accelerated BSN)

The curriculum is driven by the belief that nursing knowledge and skills are essential to improving the health and well-being of patients and populations. Academic curriculum plans are developed for each student by the academic advisor based on pre-requisite and co-requisite courses. All students are provided a copy of their plan. The plan is also filed with the academic advisor. Any alteration in the curriculum plan has the potential of delaying the completion of the program one or more semesters.

Nursing knowledge is developmental in nature. Each course is designed to build on knowledge and skills acquired in previous nursing and non-nursing courses. Therefore, the faculty strongly encourage students to keep syllabi, notes and required texts from previous courses so that they can refer to them as needed.

Sample curriculum pattern for accelerated option:

Spring Semester
CourseCredit Hour
Pharmacology & Nursing Implications I4
Nursing Fundamentals & Assessment8
Holistic Health Promotion & Wellness 3
Summer Semester
CourseCredit Hour
Adult Nursing Common Health Conditions6
Mental Health Nursing4
Pharmacology & Nursing Implications II2
Introduction to Nursing Science & Informatics4
Fall Semester
CourseCredit Hour
Geriatrics & Chronic Health Conditions4
Reproductive & Neonatal Nursing4
Pediatric Nursing4
Nursing Leadership & Ethics4

Spring Semester (10 weeks)
CourseCredit Hour
Community Health Nursing3
Community Health Nursing Clinical1
Adult Nursing: Complex Health Conditions7
Transition to Nursing Practice3
Total Accelerated BSN Nursing Hours: 61

Course requirements subject to full approval.