Student Spotlight: Emma Morrow

Up-and-coming Mizzou Nursing student and researcher, says, "Both the entire nursing profession, as well as nurse researchers, have one goal in mind: to aid others in every way possible."

Emma Morrow, BSN student at the MU Sinclair School of Nursing.

At the Sinclair School of Nursing, students are chosen to wear the black scrubs for a reason: They embody what it takes to be not only a nurse, but a Mizzou Nurse, exemplifying characteristics that set them above the rest. One student, Emma Morrow, has stood out since she stepped foot on campus.

Morrow has had her sights set on nursing research since freshman year, earning S.T.A.R. (Student Training for Advancing Research) recognition from the MU Office of Undergraduate Research. Since then, she has participated in MU Health Research Days and during the spring 2023 semester, she earned the AACN Critical-Care Nursing Student Scholarship through the Foundation of National Student Nurses’ Association, of which she is an active participant in both the national and Mizzou Nursing chapters.

Another example of her commitment to nursing research, Morrow has recently wrapped up her time as a Discovery Fellow through the MU Honors College. On completing this rigorous program, which includes eight hours of research practice every week during their two years of participation, she reflects, “I am very appreciative of all the opportunities research has given me, and for the guidance and support from Dr. LeeAnne Sherwin, my faculty mentor.”

Morrow adds, “Being involved with research since freshman year has been an extraordinary learning experience for me, and I am grateful for the relationships I have developed with the Mizzou nursing faculty and for their knowledge and expertise. I have gained hands-on experience and insight into the impact that nursing research has on the lives of patients and in creating positive health outcomes. Nursing research is an extremely vital part of the health care profession, in serving communities and aiding their health. Both the entire nursing profession, as well as nurse researchers, have one goal in mind: to aid others in every way possible.

“Undertaking research as a nursing student has empowered me in my pursuit of my personal, educational, and professional goals. I have learned how to effectively communicate as part of a research team, respect patients and their privacy through research ethics, ensure patients feel included in their care, and find real solutions to health issues within our community. I have already used these skills in my clinical rotations as a nursing student, and know that I will continue to utilize what I’ve learned as a student-researcher and in my future practice as a bedside nurse to provide compassionate and excellent patient-centered care.” 

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