International Residential PhD Program

The MU Sinclair School of Nursing welcomes international students to an intellectually stimulating doctoral program offered in a supportive environment. International students at the University of Missouri comprise 6 percent of the student population of 34,000 and come from over 100 different countries. In the International Residential PhD Program option, we currently have students from three foreign countries. The MU International Center provides support for international students. Language assistance and aid in writing are available through the English as a Second Language Program.

  • Through the International Residential PhD option, international students attend the MU campus hybrid classes in Columbia, Mo.
  • The international students attend the classes in-person, while their online student cohort may participate in-person or electronically through videoconferencing software.
  • International students enroll in traditional residential course offerings on the MU campus.
  • International students must maintain full-time status by enrolling in 9 credits each fall and spring term.
  • Of the 9 credits each term, at least 6 credits must be either traditional face-to-face or hybrid coursework in order to qualify for and retain the student visa status. The remaining 3 credits each term may be taken 100 percent online.
  • International Residential PhD Option students must provide documentation of English-language proficiency, demonstrated through a satisfactory score within the last two years. English-language proficiency requirements can be found of the MU Graduate School webpage.
  • If English Proficiency scores do not meet this level, international applicants are strongly encouraged to pursue Intensive English Program training in the United States prior to retaking an English proficiency examination.
  • MU offers a full-time Intensive English Program (IEP)  for any student who cannot meet minimum language requirements for admission to U.S. colleges or universities, or for any student who wishes to study English as a second language.
  • If you are admitted but your English language proficiency is not satisfactory, you will be required to enroll in ELSP courses along with a reduced academic course load. You must pass these courses within the first two semesters of enrollment.