Non-MU Applicants

This section is for students with a bachelors from another university; not MU.

The following materials should be prepared before beginning the online application process:
  • Professional resume
  • Official college transcripts for the MU application
  • Either official or unofficial college transcripts for the School of Nursing application
  • Two professional references

Application Steps for Non-MU Students:
  1. Collect either official or unofficial college transcripts for the School of Nursing application. You will be asked to upload them.
  2. Build a resume using the provided template. You will upload your resume in the next step, the application.
  3. Submit the online School of Nursing Accelerated BSN application.
  4. The online application will include a link you will share with your two reference sources. Your references will use this link to describe your ability to succeed in a fast-paced academic program and fit the needs of the nursing profession. A professional reference should not include family, friend/classmate, co-worker, minister, coach or academic advisor. Professional reference sources could include job, volunteer, or internship supervisor, professor or instructor.
  5. Collect all official college transcripts.
  6. Complete the University of Missouri application.
  7. You will be applying as an undergraduate pre-nursing student.
  8. Apply for the first semester you will enroll at the University of Missouri.
  9. We will conduct an initial screening after the application deadline.
  10. Qualified candidates will receive an invitation to submit an online video interview and typed essay responses. There is a $35 fee associated with this step.
  11. Admissions decisions will be sent by email before the spring or fall semester starts.

Questions? Contact Us.

If you have questions, please contact the MU School of Nursing Student Services office at 573.882.0277 or