Assistant Teaching Professor
PNP Program Coordinator
Headshot of Tammy Rood

E-mail: roodtl@missouri.edu
Phone: 573.694-3503
Fax: 573.884.4544

Sinclair School of Nursing
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

Teaching Emphasis Area(s)

• N8420 Newborn through Adolescence Primary Care

• N8210 Special Healthcare Needs of Children

• N9070 DNP Clinical Residency

• N7140 Advanced Health Assessment

• N8680 Pediatric Mental Health Assessment & Treatment


Selected Grants, Honors and Awards

Project Staff, Centers for Disease Control: A Comprehensive Public Health Approach to Asthma Control through Evidence-Based Interventions (2019-2024)

Project Staff, Missouri Foundation for Health: CACE Hubs: Community Partnerships for Reducing Childhood Asthma Disparities (2021-2023)

Project Staff, Missouri Telehealth Network: Asthma ECHOs (Extension for Community Health Outcomes) Show-Me ECHO: Move Knowledge, Not Patients (showmeecho.org)

First Place Award, Poster Presentation, DNP Student Category, Midwest Nursing Research Society Conference (2018)

Master’s Student Award for Overall Excellence, Sinclair School of Nursing, University of MO-Columbia (2007)         

“Excellence in Nursing” Award, University of Missouri Healthcare, Columbia, MO (2000, 2007)

Selected Publications – Last 5 years only

Francisco, B., Rood, T., Nevel, R., Foreman, P. & Homan, S. (May 25, 2017). Teaming up for asthma control – EPR-3 compliant school Program is effective and cost efficient. Preventing Chronic Disease, 14. Retrieved from https://www.cdc.gov/pcd/issues/2017/17_0003.htm.

Francisco, B. & Rood, T. (April 2020). “Asthma Risk and Impairment”. Primary Care Health Home Practice Coach Bulletin. Missouri Primary Care Association, Volume 3, Issue 4.

Homan, S., Francisco, B., Rood, T., & Foreman, P. (April – June, 2021). Asthma Extension for Community Health Outcomes (ECHO®) – Road to Best Practices. Missouri Family Physician, pp. 16-19. Available at https://issuu.com/lbernskoetter/docs/__mafpmag_april-june_2021_issuu

Selected Peer Reviewed Presentations 

Rood, T. & Francisco, B. (2021, March). “Asthma-Focused Telehealth Visits – Maximizing the Experience”. 75-minute presentation. National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Annual Conference.

Rood, T & Francisco, B. (2021, March). “Using Pharmacy Claims to Identify High Risk Children Needing Asthma Care” [Poster Presentation]. National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Annual Conference.

Rood, T. & Dickens, M. (2020, March). “The Role of Spirometry in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Asthma and COPD”. 90-minute presentation. 5th Annual Advanced Practice Assessment and Skills Workshop, Columbia, MO.

Miles, P., Rood, T., Francisco, B., Foreman, P., & Hall, M. (2019, September). “Asthma Care Accelerator ECHO- A Population Quality Improvement Project” [Poster Presentation].  American Board of Medical Specialties 2019 Conference, Chicago, IL.

Rood, T. & Francisco, B. (2019, May). “Using Objective Measures of Lung Function to Assess Asthma and Improve Inhalation Technique”. 75-minute presentation. 29th Annual Coming Together in Advanced Practice Conference. Columbia, MO.

Rood, T. & Francisco, B. (2019, March). “Using Teleconferencing to Improve Pediatric Asthma Care in Local Communities” [Poster Presentation]. Midwest Nursing Research Society 43rd Annual Research Conference. Kansas City, MO.

Rood, T., Francisco, B., Miles, P., Foreman, P., & Hall, M. (2019, March). “Asthma Care Accelerator ECHO- A Population Quality Improvement Project” [Poster Presentation]. MetaECHO 2019 Conference, Albuquerque, NM.

Rood, T. & Francisco, B. (2018, July). “Using Teleconferencing for Workforce Development Programs to Improve Asthma Care in Missouri Communities” [Oral and Poster Presentation]. Association of Asthma Educators Annual Conference, Phoenix, AZ.

Rood, T. (2018, April). “A Quality Improvement Project to Improve Provision of Asthma Action Plans” [Poster Presentation]. Midwest Nursing Research Society Annual Conference, Cleveland, OH.

Rood, T. (2018, April). “Asthma Treatment and Management Update”. 45-minute presentation, Missouri Primary Care Health Homes Care Team Forum and Collaborative Workshop, Columbia, MO.

Rood, T. (2018, March). “Asthma Essentials: Keys to Best Practice in Asthma Care”. 75-minute presentation, National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

Clinical Practice Area

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner – Primary Care; Asthma