Bonnie J. Wakefield, PhD, RN, FAAN

Adjunct Associate Professor



Phone: 573.882.5689
Fax: 573.884.4544

S331 Sinclair School of Nursing
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

Nursing Specialty

Gerontology, Informatics, Chronic Illness

Interest Area(s)

Implementation and evaluation of home, mobile and web-based communication technologies to improve care for chronically ill elders

  • BSN, Bradley  University, Peoria, IL
  • MA in Nursing, University of Iowa College of Nursing, Iowa City, IA
  • PhD, University of Iowa College of Nursing, Iowa City, IA
  • Post-doc, University of Iowa Center on Aging, Iowa City, IA
Area of Doctoral Study

Nursing care of older adults/epidemiology

Area of Post-doctoral Study/Program of Research

Nursing care of older adults

Bio and Professional Experience

Dr. Bonnie Wakefield has worked as a staff nurse, director of education and performance improvement coordinator in acute care settings. Since 1997, she has been a full time investigator. Her program of research has focused on improving the quality of patient care for older adults.  She has conducted several funded studies evaluating the efficacy and effectiveness of home based communication technologies to improve outcomes in older adults with chronic illness. She has also conducted research on patient safety and adverse events in the hospital setting.

Selected Grants and Awards
  • Building Patient Centered Outcomes Research Capacity: Care Transitions (Co-I)
    Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
    9/13 – 8/17
  • National Implementation of Remote Delivery of Cardiac Rehabilitation (PI)
    VA Office of Rural Health
    10/14 – 9/16
  • eHealth Measures Compendium (PI)
    Department of Veterans Affairs
    9/13 – 3/15
  • Usability of a Web-Based Symptom Monitoring Tool (PI)
    University of Missouri Center on Aging
    9/1/12 – 8/30/14
Selected Publications
  • Tucker, K. et al. Individual patient data meta-analysis of self-monitoring of blood pressure (BP-SMART) Protocol (in press), BMJ Open
  • Stewart, KR, Stewart, GL, Lampman, M, Wakefield, B, Rosenthal, G, & Solimeo, SL. (in press). Implications of the patient centered medical home for nursing practice: Lessons learned from Department of Veterans Affairs primary care nurses. Journal of Nursing Administration
  • Koch, G., Wakefield, B., & Wakefield, D. (2015). Barriers and facilitators to managing multiple chronic conditions: A systematic literature review. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 37, 4, 498-516.
  • Wakefield, B.J., Groves, P., Drwal, K., Scherubel,M., & Kaboli, P. (published ahead of print). Evaluation of the feasibility of two novel heart failure monitoring tools. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. doi: 10.1097/JCN.0000000000000213
  • Wakefield, BJ, Pham, K & Scherubel, M. (2015). Usability evaluation of a web-based symptom monitoring application for heart failure. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 37: 922-934, doi:10.1177/0193945914568813
  • Alexander, G, Wakefield, B, Anbari, A, Lyons, V, Prentice, D, Shepherd, M, & Strecker, EB. (2014). A usability evaluation exploring the design of state nursing association websites. Computers in Nursing, 32(8), 353-412.
  • Turvey, C, Klein, D., Fix, G., Hogan, T., Woods, S., Simon, S., Charlton, M., Vaughan-Sarrazin, M., Zulman, D.M., Dindo, L., Wakefield, B., Graham, G., & Nazi, K. (2014). Blue Button use by patients to access and share health record information using the Department of Veterans Affairs online patient portal. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 21, 657-663. Doi:10.1136/amiajnl-2014-002723
  • Helfrich, CD, Dolan, Fihn, SD, Rodriguez, HP, Meredith, LS, Rosland, A, Lempa, M, Wakefield, BJ, Joos, S, Stark, R, Schectman, G, & Nelson, K. (2014). Elements of team based care in a patient centered medical home implementation and burnout at VA clinics. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 29, (2 Supp), 659-666. doi: 10.1007/s11606-013-2702-z
  • Groves, P., Finfgeld-Connett, D., & Wakefield, B. (2014). It’s always something: Hospital nurses managing risk. Clinical Nursing Research, 23, 296-313. doi: 10.1177/1054773812468755
  • Wakefield, BJ, Koopman R, Keplinger LE, Bomar, M, Bernt, B, Johanning, J, Kruse RL, Davis, JW,   Wakefield DS, Mehr D. (2014). Effect of home telemonitoring on glycemic and blood pressure control in primary care clinic patients with diabetes, Journal of Telemedicine and eHealth, 20(3), 199-205.
  • Koopman R, Wakefield, BJ, Keplinger LE, Bomar, M, Bernt, B, Johanning, J, Kruse RL, Davis, JW,   Wakefield DS, Mehr D. (2014). Implementing telemonitoring of home blood pressure and blood glucose data in primary care practices for patients with diabetes:  Lessons learned. Journal of Telemedicine and eHealth, 20(3), 253-260.
  • Wakefield, BJ, Drwal, KR, Scherubel, MN,Klobucar, T, Johnson, SR, & Kaboli, PJ (2014). Feasibility and effectiveness of remote, telephone-based delivery of cardiac rehabilitation. Journal of Telemedicine and eHealth, 20(1): 32-38.
  • Keplinger LE, Koopman RJ, Mehr DR, Kruse RL, Wakefield DS, Wakefield BJ, Canfield SM (2013).  Patient portal implementation: resident and attending physician attitudes.  Family Medicine, 45(5):335-40.
  • Ohl, M., Dillon, D., Moeckli, J., Ono, S., Waterbury, N., Sissel, J., Yin, J., Neil, B., Wakefield, B., & Kaboli, P. (2013) Mixed-methods evaluation of a telehealth collaborative care program for persons with HIV infection in a rural setting.Journal of General Internal Medicine, 28(9):1165-73.
  • Wakefield, BJ, Scherubel, M, Ray, A, & Holman, JE. (2013). Nursing interventions in a telemonitoring program,Telemedicine & eHealth, 19(3), 160-165.
  • Wakefield B., Boren, SA, Groves, P, & Conn, V. (2013). Heart failure care management programs: a review of study interventions and meta-analysis of outcomes. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 28(1), 8-19.
  • Wakefield, B., Turvey, C., Hogan, T., Shimada, S., & Nazi, K. (2014). Development of an eHealth Measures Compendium. H3IT meeting, Washington, DC
  • Wakefield, B., Pham, K., & Scherubel, M. (2014). Usability of a commercial web-based symptom monitoring tool for patients with heart failure. Midwest Nursing Research Society Annual Meeting, St Louis (poster discussion session)
  • Wakefield, B., Alexander, G., Dellsperger, K., & Erdelez, S. (2013). Usability of a web-based symptom monitoring tool for heart failure. Midwest Nursing Research Society Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL
  • Wakefield, Drwal, Scherubel & Groves (2013). Patient reported self care management in heart failure. Midwest Nursing Research Society Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL
Honors and Awards 
  • Fellow, American Academy of Nursing, 2009
  • Best Paper in 2008, Journal of Telemedicine and e-Health  
  • Best Management Theory to Practice Paper, Academy of Management Health Care Management Division, 2007 (co-author)                                                            
  • Career Development Award, VA Health Services Research & Development, 2000-2005
  • Person-in-Training Award Finalist, Gerontological Society of America, 1997
  • American Nurses Association
  • Sigma Theta Tau
  • American Academy of Nursing (Fellow)
  • Midwest Nursing Research Society
  • American Medical Informatics Association
  • American Telemedicine Association