Jonas Global Fellowship

The Jonas Global Fellowship at the Sinclair School of Nursing provides an opportunity for mentored global health experiences for graduate nursing students. This program, funded by the Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Health, gives the student a community-based, hands-on field experience. Students will work with a faculty mentor and a non-governmental organization (NGO) in the Dominican Republic. This fellowship may be utilized as part of the DNP project or PhD research practicum curriculum requirement. It may also count toward the completion of the Graduate Certificate in Participatory Health Research.

PhD Testimonials 

Jennifer O’Connor, October 2017, foot health screening and education program

“I have been a community health nurse for more than two decades, specializing in foot care for the past 10 years. My master’s degree is in nursing education, and I am pursing my PhD in nursing The Jonas Fellowship allowed me to design, plan and implement my first preliminary study related to my dissertation research.”

Kimberly Hart, October 2017, vision health/cataract prevention program

“I have been a women’s health nurse practitioner for more than two decades, working for the past nine years as a medical science liaison in the women’s healthcare division of Bayer Pharmaceuticals with the focus of education and training. I hope to finish my PhD in nursing in May 2018 with graduate certificates in public health and participatory health research. The Jonas Fellowship allowed me to participate in a meaningful way with health care interventions and provisions of healthcare bringing my PhD course work to life.”

DNP Testimonials 

Beth Mettes, May 2017, initiated vision health program specifically aimed at reducing risk for cataract development due to overexposure to sunlight

“I was a charge nurse in a psychiatric ER for four years and now have been a circulating nurse in the operating room at MU Health Care. Because I grew up on a farm, I’m somewhat adventurous and when I had the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic for a hypertension clinic, I was ecstatic. We have worked with the Light a candle Foundation and Jonas Foundation to provide education about the risks of eye and vision damage from sun exposure. After the education, participants are provided with a pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes from eventual cataract or ocular cancer possibilities. As individuals who have been trained with knowledge from the U.S. health care opportunities, global health efforts are essential. It felt wonderful to give back to another country who was in need of health care. The fellowship made me realize how important our efforts to help other countries gain access to health care really are and motivated me to seek outlets for areas I can help.”

Megan Shahan, January 2018, hypertension and youth coaching

“I have been a nurse practitioner with my MS(N) for three years. I love caring for people’s physical and emotional needs. I also love traveling and learning about new cultures. The DNP is teaching me to love community-based research. I have a passion for global health, and then Jonas Global Fellowship was the perfect way to combine my passion for nursing and global health and my increasing passion for research. Dr. Enriquez facilitated a great experience where I was able to improve my research skills, support the local Dominican Republic people already making a large impact in their community, and learn about a new culture. My DNP project is focused on evaluating a program called Multiplicadores. This is a program administered by the Light a Candle Foundation. They visit the local village and complete an eight-week program focused on hypertension and youth health coaching. We helped create the curriculum, and I shared information about youth health coaching with the staff. We will measure the participants’ sense of purpose before and after the program as well as knowledge pre and post. We will also look at the people treated in hypertension clinics to observe changes in compliance and outcomes if they have a relationship with a youth health coach.”