Early Registration

Each semester, currently enrolled students are given the opportunity to pre-register for the next semester’s classes. Early registration usually begins in October and March; the specific dates are listed with the University Registrar.

Early registration procedures:

  • Call or schedule an appointment with your advisor prior to preregistration week. Do not attempt to “drop in” on your advisor for registration conferences. To schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor, please call the Nursing Student Affairs Office at 573.882.0277 or come by in person to S235 School of Nursing.
  • Use the schedule of courses or the course listings in myZou to plan your schedule. Clinical majors will find a list of courses for each semester posted in the Office of Student Affairs (S235). Schedule your clinical courses according to this list.
  • Only new MU students, students on probation and students with holds on their myZou Student Centers screens need an adviser’s release. All other students may register on the computer through myZou or in person at 125 Jesse Hall during the preregistration period.
  • Registration by computer or in person may be accomplished at the appointment time listed on the student’s myZou screen or any time thereafter until the end of the preregistration period.
  • If a course is full, please inquire about permission into the closed course by contacting the course department or instructor. The School of Nursing only has permission access for nursing courses (N2000, N2900 and clinical coursework).

Regular Registration

Regular registration periods are published in the university calendar and are usually scheduled one or two days prior to the beginning of classes. Regular registration procedures are the same as those for pre-registration.

Late Registration

No student will be permitted to register in any school or college of the University of Missouri or in any course other than problems, special readings or research after one week following the first day of classes in regular session or the equivalent thereof in a shorter session. Any student registering after the close of the regular registration period shall pay a nonrefundable late registration fee in addition to all other fees.

RN to BSN Student Registration

RN students may register for the required nursing courses (N3080, N3180, N4200, N4300, N4380, N4580, N4950, N4970) through MyZou or through Mizzou Online. It is preferred that students register through MyZou, but if they require help with their online registration, they can contact Mizzou Online for help with their registration. Registration may be completed online 24 hours a day. RN students must be admitted to both the University of Missouri and the Sinclair School of Nursing to enroll in RN to BSN courses. Consult your plan of study or the academic advisor for appropriate course selection.

Registration for online prerequisite courses offered through Mizzou Online is accomplished in the same manner. Students wishing to take regular classes on the MU campus should follow the procedure described below for pre-registration and regular registration.

Late Add or Drop (Petitioning)

Add/drop (also referred to as petitioning) is the method of getting into or out of a class after registration is completed. Deadline dates for adding and dropping courses each semester are published in the university calendar. The academic adviser also has a list of the deadline dates.

A student is permitted to drop a course using a late drop form (available in S235 Nursing) within the first five weeks of a semester or by the 12th class day of a blocked course with no notation of enrollment in the course being placed on the student’s permanent record. Courses dropped after this point will appear on official records as W (withdrew) if the student was passing at the time of withdrawal. If the student was failing (less than 73 percent) at the time of withdrawal, the course is graded F. See “Withdrawal from Courses” in the undergraduate catalog. If classes have started for the semester, a student who has obtained instructor consent (written/emailed) may add a course using a late add form (available in S235 Nursing). If the course is full, a permission number will also be needed.

A student who wants to add or drop a course after the add/drop date has ended should pick up a course withdraw for late add form in S235. Following approval from the Nursing Student Affairs Office, the student may process the form at the Registrar’s Office (Room 125 Jesse Hall) or use myZou. The instructor’s signature is not required on the course withdraw form. The instructor’s signature or a permission number may be required for the late add form.

The add/drop form is also used to change grading options (e.g. from A-F to S/U, or from A-F to Hearer). Students cannot change from one grading option to the other after the tenth day of classes.