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For information on memberships, renewals and bylaws, visit For information about the Alpha Iota Chapter, contact Deidre Wipke-Tevis PhD, RN.

Since the Alpha Iota chapter of the international nursing honor society was formed in 1964, its members have set the standard for creating strategies to improve patient care outcomes and mentor nursing leaders. Today, the Alpha Iota chapter has more than 330 active members and over 3,000 members have been inducted into Sigma Theta Tau – Alpha Iota Chapter of Sigma.

Mission & Vision


Vision: Sigma’s vision is to be the global organization of choice for nursing.

Mission: Sigma’s mission is advancing world health and celebrating nursing excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service.

Sigma Theta Tau, Alpha Iota chapterHistory: In 1922, six nurses founded Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, today is known as Sigma, at the Indiana University Training School for Nurses, which is now the Indiana University School of Nursing, in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The founders chose the name from the Greek words storgé, tharsos, and timé, meaning love, courage, and honor. Sigma became incorporated in 1985 and is a nonprofit organization with a 501(c)(3) tax status in the United States.

Learn more about Sigma Theta Tau International and its events, continuing education, research publications, and the Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library.

Upcoming Events

2021 Election Ballots Sent to Your Primary Email:
This week, you should have received a copy of the electronic ballot via your email to elect new chapter officers, committee chairs, and committee members for the 2021-2023 service term. Some members have indicated that it went to their “junk” or “other” email folder– so you if have not send the ballot, please check these other folders. Alternatively, you can email the chair of our Leadership Succession Committee, Dr. Sherri Ulbrich at and she can arrange to send the electronic ballot to an alternate email address. Please vote only once and complete the ballot by Friday, August 20, 5pm.

Membership Criteria

Membership is by invitation to baccalaureate and graduate nursing students who demonstrate excellence in scholarship and to nurse leaders exhibiting exceptional achievements in nursing. Invitations are sent to eligible student every September and March. Nurse leader candidates can apply at any time by following this link.


Member Benefits

Free continuing nursing education (CNE) courses

Courses designed with critical support and insights to help you thrive as a nurse—no matter what stage you’re at in your career.

Career connections to shape your path

Sigma’s Career Center offers you access to advisors and mentors, opportunities to guide as a mentor, and professional resources to advance your nursing career.

Free journals and member publications

Renowned insights from the Journal of Nursing Scholarship, Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, and more at your fingertips.

Invaluable conversations

As a part of our online member community, The Circle, you’ll discover just how active our chapters and communities of interest are and open up a world of networking.

General Funding Requests

The mission of the honor society of nursing—Sigma Theta Tau International, or STTI—is to support the learning, knowledge and professional development of nurses committed to making a difference in health worldwide.

Alpha Iota Chapter at the MU Sinclair School of Nursing accomplishes this, in part, through financial support of opportunities and activities for the general membership and enrolled students.

Research Grant Guidelines & Applications

The Alpha Iota chapter of Sigma accepts applications for the Alpha Iota chapter of Sigma Research Grant twice a year: April 1 and October 1.

To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Be an active member of Alpha Iota Chapter of Sigma
  • Be enrolled in a master’s or doctoral degree program, OR have completed at least a master’s degree
  • Be ready to implement the research project when funding is received
  • Be able to complete the project within one year of funding
  • Agree to present research process and findings at an Alpha Iota chapter of Sigma meeting

A complete application includes:

  1. A signed Alpha Iota chapter of Sigma Research Grant Application form (Students need advisor signature on application, see attached document)
  2. A research proposal in R03 format (This is a new format this year, see attached document for a brief summary)
  3. An IRB submission, approval, or exemption letter

All applications must be submitted via email to: Dr. LeeAnne Sherwin, Alpha Iota Sigma Research Chair by the deadline.

You may contact Dr. Sherwin at if you have specific questions about the application process.

Alpha Iota Chapter awards grant funding to provide support for worthy research studies. Allocation of grant funding is based upon the applicant’s eligibility, the significance of the problem, qualifications of the researchers, evidence of innovation, the strength of the research approach, and appropriateness of the proposed budget. Recipient(s) who fail(s) to complete the proposed study will be expected to return the amount awarded.

Clayton Clark photo

Mr. Clayton Clark received the received the Alpha Iota chapter of Sigma’s Research Grant in December 2019 entitled “A Narrative Analysis of Spiritual Coping in Individuals with Terminal Heart Failure”