Award Recipients

We’re proud to present a list of recent alumni award recipients at the MU Sinclair School of Nursing Alumni Organization. Awards have been given to outstanding alumni since 1966, and new awards including our “Distinguished Friend of the School” have also been given to special donors and supporters of MU SSON. Browse our 21st century award winners below, or view our full archive (1966-2010) past award recipients.

2017 Alumni Award Recipients
Mei R. Fu, BSN ’97, MS(N) ’00, PhD ’03 Citation of Merit
Carolynne “Cay” Casey, BSN ’65 Alumna of the Year
Mindy Stites, MS(N) ’12 Alumni Achievement Award
Katharyn “Candy” Neuner, BSN ’99 Humanitarian Nursing Award
Colleen Galambos Honorary Alumni Award
Sandra Gambaro Shelley, BSN ’74 Distinguished Friend of the School


2016 Alumni Award Recipients
Karen Ehlmann BSN ’74 Citation of Merit
Sharon Burnett BSN ’89 Alumna of the Year
Jo-Ana Chase PhD ’14 Alumni Achievement Award
Suzanne McDavid BSN ’71 MS(N) ’97 Humanitarian Nursing Award
Roxanne McDaniel Honorary Alumni Award
Lanelle Baskett Honorary Alumni Award
2015 Alumni Award Recipients
Winona Fritz BSN ’68 Citation of Merit
Yaowarat Matchim PhD ’10 Alumna of the Year
Ausanee Wanchai PhD ’12 Alumni Achievement Award
Jan Beckett BSN ’70 Humanitarian Nursing Award
Cheryl Bausler Honorary Alumni Award
Priscilla Koeplin Distinguished Friend of the School
2014 Alumni Award Recipients
Karyn Buxman MS(N) ’90 Citation of Merit
Lisa Lewis PhD ’02 Alumna of the Year
Katy Musterman BSN ’08 Alumni Achievement Award
Sandra Scott Shrumm BSN ’63 Humanitarian Nursing Award
Anne Deaton Honorary Alumni Award
Ira & Gail Hubbell Distinguished Friend of the School
2013 Alumni Award Recipients
Linda Kovachevich Klein BSN ’74 Citation of Merit
Mary I. Johnson MS(N) ’87 Alumna of the Year
Elizabeth L. Pettitt BSN ’08 Alumni Achievement Award
Ursula Adrian Smith BSN ’80 Humanitarian Nursing Award
Majorie Skubic Honorary Alumni Award
Richard G. Miller Distinguished Friend of the School
2012 Alumni Award Recipients
Susan Donnell Scott BSN ’88 Citation of Merit
Sue Vest Wright BSN ’78 Alumna of the Year
Joannie Welsh Ericson BSN ’08 Alumni Achievement Award
Marilyn Craigmiles Thomas BSN ’66 Humanitarian Nursing Award
Sherry Snell Forsee Honorary Alumni Award
Eileen Meehan Dyer Distinguished Friend of the School
2011 Alumni Award Recipients
Karna K. Schofer MS(N) ’79 Citation of Merit
Carol Siem MS(N) ’00 Alumna of the Year
Eduardo Crespi BSN ’06 Alumni Achievement Award
Katie Quinn BSN ’08 Humanitarian Nursing Award
Linda Bullock Honorary Alumni Award
Verna Adwell Rhodes Distinguished Friend of the School