Transfer Courses

Current Undergraduate MU Students

To transfer into Pre-Nursing:
Please contact the Sinclair School of Nursing Advising Office at 573.882.0277 or to inquire about transferring into pre-nursing. A minimum GPA of 3.25 is required to transfer to Pre-Nursing. 

To transfer out of Pre-Nursing:
Students need to contact the school or college they would like to transfer into. Transfers must be completed by a certain point each semester. See MU Dates and Deadlines.


Undergraduate Transfer Courses

MU does not impose a limit on the number of transfer courses. Students are encouraged to plan their enrollment based on MU Transfer Guides

All BSN students must send official transcripts to MU Admissions. RN to BSN students may send copies of unofficial transcripts to RN to BSN academic advisor for unofficial evaluation.

There is no time limit imposed on transferable courses.  Students transferring credit of more than 10 years are encouraged to assess their knowledge base in that subject and initiate a self-study program.  

Students already enrolled at the MU Sinclair School of Nursing who desire to enroll for required courses in another college or university must receive approval from the Associate Dean or undergraduate academic advisor before taking the course. It is the responsibility of the student to check with the college/school in which they intend to enroll regarding course availability.

If a course is approved for transfer, the student must request that a copy of the transcript be sent to the Admissions Office, 230 Jesse Hall, immediately upon completion of the course.

Traditional and Accelerated students transferring credit for Anatomy and Physiology I with lab receive credit for Human Anatomy only. The student then enrolls in MPP 3202 Physiology. Students who have completed Anatomy and Physiology I with lab and Anatomy and Physiology II with lab have satisfied both the anatomy and physiology requirements.   


Graduate Transfer Courses

There are a number of policy requirements for graduate-level transfer credits:

  • Courses must have completed within the last eight years. On occasion, waivers can be granted to accept courses completed beyond the eight-year timeframe.
  • For Master’s programs, a maximum of 20% of your transfer courses can be applied to the degree.
  • For Doctor of Nursing Practice programs, a maximum of 50% of your transfer courses can be applied to the degree.
  • All transfer courses must by reviewed School of Nursing academic and faculty advisors.
  • The approval process requires all courses syllabi and clinical verification forms.

Questions about the transfer course approval process should be directed to School of Nursing advisors.