How to Apply

Traditional BSN Application Overview

The traditional four-year bachelor’s degree in nursing option is designed for students coming directly from high school or transferring from another university or college. First-year college students or transfer candidates may obtain the application form from the MU Admissions Office to be admitted as a pre-nursing student.

In the final semester of completing pre-requisites, pre-nursing majors may apply for admission to the clinical major.  Admission to the clinical major is competitive. Please see below for specific information on admission to the clinical portion of the major.

Pre-nursing Requirements 

First-year college students and transfer students who apply to be pre-nursing majors must meet MU admission requirements. Students should select pre-nursing on their University of Missouri application forms. It is recommended that transfer students attend MU as soon as possible if they wish to complete the BSN program in four years. There are specific courses that must be completed at the University of Missouri.

Nursing Scholars

The Sinclair School of Nursing offers the Nursing Scholars Program for exceptional first-year MU honors students who are pursuing the nursing major. Only qualified first-year college students may apply for the Nursing Scholars Program and must be admitted to the Honors College before applying. Freshmen pre-nursing honors students must apply for nursing scholar admission prior to the end of their first semester at MU. Students will be notified by the advising office. Nursing Scholars must also meet all eligibility requirements to apply for clinical admission in addition to the requirements listed above.

Admission to the clinical major 

Students apply for admission to the clinical major during the last semester of general education and pre-nursing coursework. Typically, students will have about 45 credit hours completed before they may apply for clinical admission.

Clinical nursing applications will be available through the Student Advising Office, S235, approximately one month prior to the application deadline. Applications for traditional clinical nursing admission are not available online.

Clinical Application Deadlines

The Student Advising Office will send out information regarding the application deadlines to all pre-nursing students.  Applications are available early fall for the spring clinical and early spring for the fall clinical. Students must be enrolled at MU at least one fall semester to apply to the clinical major due to the fact that the nursing program has specific courses that can only be taken at MU. Applicants for the clinical major are considered on a competitive and space-available basis for each admission period. 55 students are accepted into clinical coursework for the spring semester and 75 for the fall semester. Each semester, about 120-200 students apply for the available spaces.

Clinical major application criteria include:

  • Successful completion of approximately 45 credit hours and in progress with the remaining 15 hours of general education and pre-nursing coursework according to the requirements outlined below. A student must have grades from biology, chemistry, and two of the three advanced lab sciences (microbiology, anatomy, physiology) to be eligible to apply for the clinical nursing major. A student must also have successful grades (C or better) in biology, chemistry, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, Nursing 2000 and Nursing 2100 to be eligible to apply for the clinical nursing major. It is recommended that students take as many sciences at MU as possible.
  • Minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.25 (on a 4.0 scale) for all college/university courses;
  • Competitive grade-point average in nursing prerequisite courses; and
  • Evidence of capacity to uphold the practice standards, functional abilities as listed in the Undergraduate Student Handbook, and ethical codes of the nursing profession.

A profile is submitted for each student based on the above criteria. The clinical application criteria is subject to change.

International Requirements

If English is your second language the successfully passing TOEFL is required with a minimum score of:

  • Paper Based – 600
  • Computer-Based – 250
  • Internet-Based – 100
  • Passing the TOEFL exam does not guarantee eligibility or admission.

Current Mizzou students applying to the clinical major should:

  • Review the requirements set before them.
  • Fill out the application and submit all application materials before the deadline.
  • Apply for clinical major nursing scholarships AFTER being accepted into clinical coursework. For current clinical students, the deadline to fill out the nursing scholarship form is the first week of March (FAFSA due February 1). For newly admitted clinical students, there will be a separate nursing scholarship application deadline. That date will be provided to newly admitted clinical students via email and/or clinical admission letter.

Once a student has been admitted to the clinical major, proof of required immunizations, CPR certification and a negative drug screening must be filed with Student Health before the start of clinicals the first summer semester. More information on these requirements will be included in the clinical admission letter and/or email sent to all newly admitted clinical nursing students.

Note: To properly prepare for admission to the clinical major, nursing majors are encouraged to review the admission requirements for the clinical major well in advance. The MU Career Center can assist with resume reviews and mock interviews. Most MU Career Center services are free to MU students.