Traditional BSN


The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 12% increase in job growth from 2028. Ready to take your nursing career to the next level? Learn how to apply to the program today.


Program Overview

The traditional BSN option is designed for undergraduate students who plan to complete the degree in four years after graduating high school. As freshmen and sophomores, nursing students are considered pre-nursing. Students typically are admitted to the clinical major during their junior and senior years.



BSN Program Cost & Tuition

Estimated cost for the BSN program is $49,400.82 for the traditional option.

*Program cost is for illustrative purposes only. Your hours and costs will differ, depending on your state of residence, transfer hours, course choices at Mizzou, and your academic progress. See more about tuition from the Cashier’s Office.

Scholarships & Assistance

The Sinclair School of Nursing offers a number of nursing-specific scholarships for clinical nursing majors and graduate students. Scholarships numbers and amounts (usually $1000-4000) vary from year to year for qualified applicants. A call for applications and announcement of awards is made each year during the spring semester for the following academic year. In addition, undergraduate research assistantships, University of Missouri scholarships, external scholarships, and other opportunities are available.


*The 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the salary for BSN-educated RNs was $75,330.

Career & Salary Outlook

78% of our BSN graduates are employed in the nursing field at the time of graduation, and 98% of graduates are employed in nursing within three months upon graduation.

What kind of jobs can you get with a BSN?

Graduates are prepared to enter into nursing practice in traditional acute care hospitals, mental health facilities, outpatient care centers, as well as community health agencies, schools, and many other settings.

Hear from Our Students

" I feel well prepared for both the NCLEX and the clinical setting. My clinical experiences were so valuable and I always felt challenged in the best way possible. I learned valuable skills and how to interact with patients effectively. I feel as though I am well prepared as a graduate nurse to enter into the clinical setting".
Fall 2020 BSN graduate
Sinclair School of Nursing
"The School did a really good job teaching us how to advocate for our patients and for ourselves. They did a good job instilling critical thinking in us."
Fall 2020 BSN graduate
Sinclair School of Nursing
"The relationship between the University and the surrounding hospitals ensured that clinical opportunities were extensive".
Fall 2020 BSN graduate
Sinclair School of Nursing