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Contact Eryn Buckner, RN to MS(N) advisor, or request more information online.

All courses are online to help fit your schedule. Successful completion of the RN to MS(N) option requires a total of 56 credits. 

After completion of your BSN course work and conferral of degree, you will apply to enter the MS program; acceptance assumes your satisfactory progress and attainment of minimum graduate school standards. 

Sample Plans of Study

Transfer Credits

Transfer credits may be accepted from other regionally-accredited institutions, including 40 credit hours from your associate’s degree or diploma program in nursing, and general education and foundation course work. The admissions office determines your transfer credits after they receive your official transcripts and application. You may also email your unofficial transcripts to Laura Anderson, RN to MS(N) advisor, who can evaluate your credit and give you a timeline for starting the program.

MU General Education Requirements

In addition, you must successfully complete general education credits in selected courses prior to conferral of the BSN degree; see the list of courses below. A total of 126 credit hours, including transfer credit and BSN coursework, is required for conferral of the BSN degree. You may complete general education requirements at MU.

Common MU equivalents are listed below.

Courses Credit Hours
English 1000 (Composition II)  3
Humanities or Fine Arts Elective  9
History or Political Science  3
General Psychology  3
Introduction to Sociology  3
College Algebra  3
Statistics  3
Microbiology (with lab)*  4
Anatomy (with lab)*  4-5
Physiology (with lab)*  4-5
Pharmacology  3
Human Growth and Development (life span)**  3
Human or Therapeutic Nutrition  3
General Science (Social/Biological/Physical/Mathematical/Behavioral Science)  6
Electives  6
Total  60-62

*All science courses will be evaluated on an individual basis for the transfer of credit.

** May be challenged through standardized examinations.