In the MU Sinclair School of Nursing RN to BSN program, all courses are online. There are two options, a one-year (14 month) and a two-year plan of study. Choose the one that works for you.

Take Your Career higher

If you’re ready to take your nursing career to the next level, learn how to apply to MU Sinclair School of Nursing’s RN to BSN online program.

Still enrolled in your Associate Degree Nursing program? Dual enrollment is also available. Take coursework toward your BSN while still enrolled in your associate degree program. Our academic advisors can assist you in selecting specific coursework to jump start your BSN.  

One-Year Plan of Study

In this faster-paced, one-year plan of study, you earn your BSN in just 14 months. This program is a good fit for you if:

  • Have the flexibility in your work/life schedule to take multiple credit hours during the semester.
  • Have completed all general education requirements except the 26 BSN credit hours.
  • Want to move forward in a fast pace toward achieving your RN-BSN degree.

View our one-year plan of study curriculum [PDF] for information.

Two-Year Plan of Study

In the two-year plan of study, your classes are more spread out, and you earn your BSN in 24 months (two years). This program is a good fit for you if:

  • Still have some general education courses that need to be completed in addition to the 26 BSN credits hours.
  • Have busy work/life commitments that you need to complete your education at a more steady pace.
  • Need the flexibility to slow down your coursework if life changes occur.

View our two-year plan of study curriculum [PDF] for information.

RN to BSN Online Program Clinical Experience

Your clinical experience is 45 hours in a community health setting. Enjoy the ability to work with expert preceptors near your home, or complete the community health clinical course through our travel abroad opportunities.

Students have a variety of opportunities for the clinical, such as:

  • Working with a county health agency
  • Serving as a summer camp nurse
  • Taking an international trip to Costa Rica
  • And many other opportunities near your own community 

Essential information about clinical experiences and policies related to clinical experiences can be found in the undergraduate student handbook.

General Education and Foundation Course Work

To earn your BSN from MU Sinclair School of Nursing, general education and foundation coursework is required. We’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive plan. MU Sinclair School of Nursing accepts transfer credits. Courses may be taken at MU or transferred from any accredited college or university (see credit transfer equivalency). These courses include:

Courses Credit Hours
English 1000 (Composition II)  3
Humanities or Fine Arts Elective  9
American History or Political Science  3
General Psychology  3
Introduction to Sociology  3
College Algebra or Quantitative Reasoning  3
Statistics  3
Microbiology (with lab)*  4
Anatomy (with lab)*  4-5
Physiology (with lab)*  4-5
Human Growth and Development (life span)**  3
Human or Therapeutic Nutrition**  3
General Science (Social/Biological/Physical/Mathematical/Behavioral Science)  6
Electives 9
Total 60-62

*All science courses will be evaluated on an individual basis for the transfer of credit.

** May be challenged through standardized examinations.