MS(N) Nurse Educator

The Nurse Educator MS(N) Program curriculum prepares nurses to:

  • Implement emerging teaching strategies
  • Create innovative curriculum
  • Integrate evidence-based practice
  • Gain basic advanced practice nursing skills

The MS(N) Educator curriculum provides core master’s coursework in combination with leadership specialty courses.
Educator specialty courses focus on advanced knowledge in teaching strategies and curriculum development as well as advanced knowledge in pathophysiology, pharmacology, and advanced health assessment.


Core MS(N) Courses
Number Course Credit Hours
N7110 Advanced Nursing Role Acquisition 3
N7160 Scientific Foundations for Health Sciences 3
N8910 Translational Evidence-Based Nursing Practice 3
N8170 Public Health, Sociocultural Issues, and Health Policy 3
N8990 Practice Inquiry 1
Total Hours   13


Specialty MS(N) Nurse Educator
Number Course Credit Hours
N7120 Advanced Nursing Role Acquisition 3
N7140 Advanced Health Assessment & Promotion (90 clinical hours) 3.5
N7130 Advanced Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics 3
N8854 Teaching Strategies in Nursing 3
N8864 Curriculum Development in Nursing 3
N8874 Evaluation Strategies in Nursing & Healthcare 3
N8720 Symptom Management of Acute and Chronic Illnesses (90 clinical hours) 3.5
N8950 Teaching Nursing Practicum (240 clinical hours) 4
Total Hours   26

Plan of Study

View the MS(N) sample plans of study. Once you are admitted to the program, an advisor will work with you to develop a specific plan for your degree completion.

Certification as a Nurse Educator

The National League for Nursing administers the Certified Nurse Educator exam to recognize excellence in the academic nurse educator. Students who have completed a master’s of science in nursing in the nurse educator area of study and are currently licensed as a registered nurse are eligible to sit for this exam. See National League for Nursing for additional information.