Graduate Certificate – Participatory Health Research

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If you have questions about this program or would like to learn more, please reach out to our Susan Silvey, 573.884.7411 


Plan of Study

The curriculum consists of a total of 15 credit hours (4 courses and a research practicum). One core course is required.

Course Requirements for Participatory Health Research Graduate Certificate

Graduate level statistics course (3 credit hours) (only 1 required) Fall Spring Summer
ESC_PS 7170 Introduction to Applied Statistics X X X
STAT 7020 Statistics for the Health Sciences X X X
NURSE 7010 Biostatistical Foundations for Health Researchers     X

Graduate level epidemiology course (3 credit hours) (only 1 required)




NURSE 8100 Principles of Epidemiology X    
F_C_MD 8420 Principles of Epidemiology   X  
Elective Course (3 credit hours) (only 1 required) Fall Spring Summer
NURSE 9450 Doctoral Seminar: Social Determinants of Health   Odd  
NURSE 9460 Theories and Interventions in Health Behavior Science Odd    
P_HLTH 8120 Applied Epidemiology in Community Assessment X X  
P_HLTH 8953 Evaluating Global Public Health Programs   X  
Required Core Course (3 credit hours) Fall Spring Summer
NURSE 8425 / F_C_MD 8425 Participatory Approaches for Health and Health Systems     X
Mentored Research Practicum (3 credit hours) (1 required)
Fall Spring Summer
NURSE 9080 DNP Residency Project  X X X
NURSE 9710 Advanced Research Practicum X X X
F_C_MD 8450 Research in Community Health   X