DNP Scholarly Projects

DNP students must complete a DNP Residency Project, write a scholarly paper or executive summary, present an electronic poster to peers, committee members, and stakeholders, and defend the project results with their DNP Project Committee.

2016 Projects



Michelle Ahnberg

“Evaluation Of The Use Of The Pediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS) To Initiate The Pediatric Rapid Response Team (RRT)” [view Project]


Bethany Allgeyer
RN-BC, BSN, DNP Student

“Bilateral Stimulation in EMDR:  A Comparison between Tactile and Auditory Modalities” [view Project]


Tanis L. Bast
BSN, RN, DNP Student

“Improving The Knowledge Of Hospice Caregivers When Administering Pain Medications At End-of-life” [view Project]


Karin E. Baughman
MS(N), RN, DNP Student

“Evaluation Of A Mindfuless-Based Stress Reduction Intervention” [view Project]

Samantha Collins

Samantha Collins
BSN, RN, DNP FNP Student

“Improving the Transition Care from Pediatric to Adult Health Care” [view Project]

Pamela Eckhoff

Pamela S. Eckhoff
BSN, RN, DNP Student

“Implementation Of The COPD-PS In Primary Care: A Tool To Increase Provider Recognition Of Patients At Risk Of Having Undiagnosed COPD” [view Project]

Danielle Eddings

Danielle R. Eddings
BSN, RN, DNP Candidate

“Reduction of Antipsychotic Use in the Child/Adolescent Population ” [view Project]

Kristina Ennis

Kristina Ennis
BSN, RN, DNP Student

“Exercise As An Intervention To Reduce Cancer-Related Fatigue In Breast Cancer Patients” [view Project]

Ashley Field

Ashley P. Field
BSN, RN, DNP Student

“The Impact of a Local Heart Failure Clinic on Patient Quality of Life and Hospital Readmission Rates” [view Project]

Carolyn Flint

Carolyn Flint
MSN, RN-BC, DNP Student

“Improving Self-Management Education to Hospitalized Heart Failure Patients: A QI Project” [view Project]

Rebekah Flynn

Rebekah Flynn
BSN, RN, OCN, DNP Student

“Impact of a Supervised Ambulation Protocol on Fall Rates in an Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit” [view Project]

Kristen Frost

Kristen D. Frost
BSN, RN, CCRN, DNP Student

“Promoting Resilience In New Graduate Nurses Through Orientation-Based Education” [view Project]

Lisa Glantz-Williamson

Lisa Glantz Williamson

“Tummy Time in the NICU: Beyond the Isolette A Quality Improvement Project” [view Project]

Angela Hernandez

Angela D. Hernandez
MSN, DNP Student

“Reducing Psychotropic Medication in Long Term Care: Integrating Complementary and Alternative Therapies” [view Project]

Ross Hurd

P. Ross Hurd
[Titles Not Provided]

“Intervention To Increase Screening And Utilization Of Clinical Practice Guidelines For Management Of Depression In A Rural Midwest Clinic” [view Project]

Carol Hughes

Carol Hughes
BSN, RN, DNP/FNP Student

“Increasing Primary Care Providers Screening and Referral of  Patients with Heart Failure to Rehabilitation” [view Project]

Sarah Ingerson

Sarah W. Ingerson
BSN, RN, DNP Student

“Leading Quality Improvement Change By Changing Electrocardiography Lead Placement” [view Project]

Pamela Jones

Pamela C. Jones
BSN, RN-C, DNP Student

“Advanced Practice Registered Nursing Students’ Knowledge And Practice Regarding Skin Cancer Counseling And Screening Before And After A Two-Step Education Intervention” [view Project]

Sara Landreth

Sara Landreth

“Improving End-of-Life Care in the Medical Intensive Care Unit” [view Project]

Sarah Leming

Sarah K. Leming
BSN, RN, DNP Student

“Perceived Barriers Of The Missouri School Nurse When Adressing Childhood Obesity” [view Project]

Candace Renee Lindley

Candace Renee Lindley
BSN, RN, CCRN, DNP Student

“Immunization Education Module For Future Healthcare Professionals” [view Project]

Cynthia Mehrer

Cynthia S. Mehrer
BSN, RN, B.S.Ed., DNP Candidate

“A Parent Training Program To Improve Employment Skills In Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorders (AASD)” [view Project]

Kathryn Musterman

Katy I. Musterman
MBA, BSN, RN, DNP Student

“Implementation & Evaluation Of A Nursing Services Pricing Structure In An Aging In Place Environment” [view Project]

Shawn Neyens

Shawn D. Neyens
BSN, RN, CCE, DNP Student

“Improving Nutrition And Physical Activity Level Among Children In A Community-Based Setting” [view Project]

Oluyinka Grace Osunnuga

Oluyinka Grace Osunnuga
MSN, NP-C, DNP Candidate

“Educating Emergency Department Nurses about Suicide Prevention Strategies” [view Project]

Jamie Parrott

Jamie L. Parrott
BSN, RN, CCRN, DNP Student

“Teaching Nurses About Teach Back Patient Education Methods For Heart Failure Patients: A Quality Improvement Program” [view Project]

Collin Prince

Collin Prince
MSN, RN, CPNP, DNP Student

“Screening for Common Child Psychosocial Problems in the Primary Care Setting” [view Project]

Debra Sapaugh

Debra K. Sapaugh
BSN, DNP/FNP Student

“Obesity: Care in Rural Communities” [view Project]

Becky Sidberry

Becky L. Sidberry
BSN, RN, DNP Student

“Assessing The Effectiveness Of Nursing Education On Adherence To A Clinical Pathway” [view Project]

Adrienne Smith

Adrienne Smith
BSN, RN, DNP Student

“Educational Training For Caregivers Of Children With High Functioning Autism: A Pilot Project” [view Project]

Jenifer Swigart

Jenifer Swigart
BSN, RN, DNP Student

“Pharmacogenetics in practice for the child and adolescent population on psychopharmacological medications: Atypical antipsychotics” [view Project]

Danielle Toal

Danielle L. Toal
BSN, RN, DNP Student

“Implementing Behavioral Counseling As A Guideline Recommendation To Address Skin Cancer Prevention: A Practice Change In Primary Care” [view Project]

Janeth Todd

Janeth J. Todd
RN, MS, DNP Student

“Screening For Obstructive Sleep Apnea In Overweight Children In The Outpatient Setting” [view Project]

Andrew White

Andrew White
BSN, RN, DNP Student

“Assessing Depression Screening Performance  in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes by Primary Care Providers” [view Project]

Alaina Wyatt-Durk

Alaina Wyatt-Durk
BSN, RN, DNP Student

“Promoting Physical Activity In The Primary Care Setting” [view Project]