Simulation Center


The Essig Simulation Center is a safe place for students and faculty to practice new technology, such as Google Glass.

Clinical Simulation Center Covid-19 Sanitation Cleaning Policy.


The MUSSON Simulation center encompasses the Essig Clinical Simulation Learning Center (ECSLC) and the Miller Safe Practices Room. The space is located on the third floor of the Sinclair School of Nursing. It includes five rooms, state-of-the-art simulation viewing room and two storage areas.

About the Simulation Center

The ECSLC, funded by Dr. Leroy Essig, has an open floor plan with a seven-bed simulated hospital environment divided by curtains and portable partitions. Each “room” contains a bed, moderate-fidelity manikin, wall mount with oxygen, suctioning, infection control unit and recording equipment. This space doubles as a classroom with portable seating for 30 students and has a display monitor for interactive learning activities. The space also stores various task trainers for undergraduate and graduate students skill development.

The Miller Safe Practice Room, funded by Richard Miller, primary focus is safe practices in medication, back safety, transfer and communication safety. “Randy,” the bariatric 450 pound manikin is utilized in the teaching of back and transfer safety. The two bathroom facilities support the teaching of transferring patients in small spaces. The medication dispensing device assists in the teaching and practice of safe medication administration. This flexible space transforms from a hospital setting to a space used for student work space, post-clinical conference space and faculty meeting space.

The MUSSON Simulation Center also houses several high-fidelity manikins including SimMan 3G, Sim Baby and Sim Junior.

Student Utilization

The Simulation Center is heavily utilized by students during the fall, spring and summer semesters. The simulation center is open from 6 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday – Friday. The simulation center is crucial for the development of skills for more than 100 procedures. As the student progresses into more advanced clinical settings, they return to the simulation center and independently review and practice their skills.

The Simulation Center is the focal point of tours for community science clubs, diverse and rural prospective nursing students, other visitors to the school and for the annual Open House and Alumni Reunion Day. The Simulation Center is also used by other departments such as Nuclear Medicine, Physical Therapy, Child Life, Occupational Therapy and Freshman Success courses. University Hospital utilizes the space to perform their monthly Nursing Competency and Skills Fair.

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