2015 Nightingale Society Reception

May 29, 2015

Dozens of friends of the Sinclair School of Nursing were honored for their financial donations to the school during the annual Nightingale Society reception. Since 2004, the Nightingale Society has been the school’s way of recognizing major donors for their gifts to the school.

“I really search for ways to cherish you to let you know how much we appreciate you,” dean Judith Fitzgerald Miller said. “This little reception is a token of that appreciation.”

The Nightingale Society is broken up into annual members and sustaining members. There are also six categories within the sustaining membership to recognize the amount of donations given:

Sustaining Member levels:

  • Fellow
  • Distinguished Fellow
  • Very Distinguished Fellow
  • Diplomat
  • Ambassador

This year’s reception recognized 14 new or elevating members.

New Annual Members:

  • Mr. Donald & Mrs. Mary Baker
  • Mr. Michael J. & Mrs. Mildred Masure Brown
  • Dr. Sam & Mrs. Mary Eleanor Farrell
  • Ms. Anne Mckee Niles
  • Mr. Gary Pinkel
  • Mr. David & Mrs. Peggy Shorr
  • Mr. Jerome & Mrs. Delores Sinquefield
  • Mrs. Ann Toellner

New or Elevating Sustaining Members:

  • Dr. Victoria Gunn
  • Mr. David A. & Mrs. Linda K. Klein
  • Dr. Richard & Mrs. Barbara A. Gill MacArthur
  • Mr. Jack J. & Mrs. Donna Riley Smith

Distinguished Fellows:

  • Dr. Roxanne McDaniel
  • Ms. Barbara H. Warner


  • Mr. Steven & Mrs. Gina Gerard Lanham

All new and elevating members are given a pin and a certificate. New and elevating sustaining members also receive a crystal keepsake.

“We appreciate all members of this society with us today so that we can recognize your commitment to our school and to our nightingale society,” Associate Dean for Research Vicki Conn said. “Thank you for your contributions as these are foundational for us to achieve greatness.”

Without the help from donors, many of the school’s visions for the future cannot be met.