2015 Nightingale Society Reception

May 29, 2015

Dozens of friends of the Sinclair School of Nursing were honored for their financial donations to the school during the annual Nightingale Society reception. Since 2004, the Nightingale Society has been the school’s way of recognizing major donors for their gifts to the school.

“I really search for ways to cherish you to let you know how much we appreciate you,” dean Judith Fitzgerald Miller said. “This little reception is a token of that appreciation.”

The Nightingale Society is broken up into annual members and sustaining members. There are also six categories within the sustaining membership to recognize the amount of donations given:

Sustaining Member levels:

  • Fellow
  • Distinguished Fellow
  • Very Distinguished Fellow
  • Diplomat
  • Ambassador

This year’s reception recognized 14 new or elevating members.

New Annual Members:

  • Mr. Donald & Mrs. Mary Baker
  • Mr. Michael J. & Mrs. Mildred Masure Brown
  • Dr. Sam & Mrs. Mary Eleanor Farrell
  • Ms. Anne Mckee Niles
  • Mr. Gary Pinkel
  • Mr. David & Mrs. Peggy Shorr
  • Mr. Jerome & Mrs. Delores Sinquefield
  • Mrs. Ann Toellner

New or Elevating Sustaining Members:

  • Dr. Victoria Gunn
  • Mr. David A. & Mrs. Linda K. Klein
  • Dr. Richard & Mrs. Barbara A. Gill MacArthur
  • Mr. Jack J. & Mrs. Donna Riley Smith

Distinguished Fellows:

  • Dr. Roxanne McDaniel
  • Ms. Barbara H. Warner


  • Mr. Steven & Mrs. Gina Gerard Lanham

All new and elevating members are given a pin and a certificate. New and elevating sustaining members also receive a crystal keepsake.

“We appreciate all members of this society with us today so that we can recognize your commitment to our school and to our nightingale society,” Associate Dean for Research Vicki Conn said. “Thank you for your contributions as these are foundational for us to achieve greatness.”

Without the help from donors, many of the school’s visions for the future cannot be met.

Dozens Gather For Fifth Annual Dean’s Dinner

May 29, 2015

About 50 friends of the school gathered at the Country Club of Missouri for the 5th annual Dean’s Dinner on April 23, 2015. The event was graciously hosted by Brian Neuner and Richard Miller. Attendees listened to dean Judith Fitzgerald Miller talk about the wonderful work going on at the school and how it is one of the best on campus. There were also some students from the BSN and Accelerated BSN programs to talk with everybody about what the school is like and what their future plans in nursing are. Everyone was treated with a gourmet dinner that was paired with wine.

View pictures from this event.

Hundreds Celebrate Friends, Alumni, Faculty and Staff at Annual Banquet

May 29, 2015

About 250 people came to support the accomplishments of Sinclair School of Nursing students, faculty, staff and alumni. The 25th Annual Nursing Banquet and Awards Ceremony was one of the best yet. The room was constantly filled with standing ovations, tears and laughter throughout the event.

However, the message of the night came from MU Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin.

“I’ve got a chance to know people who are part of the organization, who are products of the organization, who are currently in the organization, students and that’s the real measure,” Loftin said. “The quality of people you have and have had at the Sinclair School of Nursing, is really an extraordinary collection of people.”

That was never more apparent than the outstanding individuals who won awards. Each demonstrated high academic standards, outstanding clinical skills, caring qualities as well as strong leadership. Each winner has proven they are the epitome of who walks through the halls at the school on a daily basis. The school looks forward to developing more outstanding individuals to make changes and become the future of healthcare.

Student award winners:

  • RN-BSN: Joseph Johnson
  • Accelerated BSN: Alberto Baltazar
  • Seventh Semester: Marina Steinhauer
  • Eighth Semester: Elly Barton
  • MS(N): Abbie Bredeman
  • PhD: Pam Ostby
  • DNP:  Nancy Birtley

Faculty and staff award winners:

  • Staff: Donna Connot
  • Faculty Teaching: Gina Oliver
  • Betty Crim: Lea Wood

Alumni award winners:

  • Alumna of the Year: Yaowarat Matchim
  • Alumni Achievement: Ausanee Wanchai
  • Honorary Alumni: Cheryl Bausler
  • Citation of Merit: Winnie Fritz
  • Humanitarian: Jan Beckett
  • Distinguished Friends of the School: Priscilla and Oz Koeplin

190 Students Graduate from No. 1 Nursing School in the Country

May 29, 2015

190 nursing students from the nation’s no. 1 nursing school in the country (College Atlas Encyclopedia of Higher Education) walked across the stage at Jesse Auditorium to finish out their careers as student. They were awarded their degrees from the University of MIssouri Sinclair School of Nursing (SSON).

There were 53 traditional BSN, 47 accelerated, 38 RN-BSN, 28 MS, 23 DNP, and 1 PhD. Of the undergraduates, 26 graduated with honors: 7 cum laude, 8 magna cum laude and 8 summa cum laude.

Dean Judith Fitzgerald Miller presided over the ceremony and gave the main address. MU Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin also addressed the crowd and conferred the degrees. Student addresses were given by Joseph Riojas, BSN candidate; Kirsten Wilford, Accelerated BSN candidate; Abbie Bredeman, MS(N) candidate. Each graduate also received a rose from the Nursing Alumni Organization that was handed out by Donna Otto.

Special faculty and student awards were given during the ceremony:

  • Nursing Student Council Outstanding Clinical Teaching Faculty Award
    • Hillary Claunch
  • Nursing Student Council Oustanding Classroom Teaching Faculty Award
    • Sherri Ulbrich
  • Nursing Student Council Outstanding Student Award
    • Emily Blocker
    • John Marrin
  • Janet ‘Joy’ Thompson Undergraduate Student Award
    • Jade Summerville
  • Geriatric Excellence Undergraduate Student Award
    • Shannon Keith

As students go in their spearate directions, the SSON knows they are well prepared to handle whatever is thrown at them. When people read that they graduated from the SSON, they know they’re not just a nurse, but a MIZZOU NURSE!

The other picture albums associated with this graduation: