Nearly 90 Nursing Students Become Alumni

Dec. 19, 2014

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Nearly 90 nursing students from the nation’s no. 1 nursing school in the country (College Atlas Encyclopedia of Higher Education) are no longer students, they’re now alumni. They were awarded their degrees from the University of MIssouri Sinclair School of Nursing (SSON) at the Missouri Theatre in downtown Columbia.

There were 75 BSN, 6 RN-BSN, 5 MSN, 2 DNP and 1 PhD graduates and 1 Post-Master’s Certificate. Of the undergraduates, 11 graduated with honors: 4 cum laude, 5 magna cum laude and 2 summa cum laude.

Dean Judith Fitzgerald Miller presided over the ceremony and gave the main address. Student addresses were given by Ross Licklider, BSN candidate; Shirley Nichols, DNP candidate. Each graduate also received a rose from the Nursing Alumni Organization that was handed out by Donna Otto.

Special faculty and student awards were given during the ceremony:

  • Nursing Student Council Outstanding Clinical Teaching Faculty Award
    • Jane Bostick
  • Nursing Student Council Oustanding Classroom Teaching Faculty Award
    • Pam Evans-Smith
  • Nursing Student Council Outstanding Student Award
    • Anya Klooster
  • Janet ‘Joy’ Thompson Undergraduate Student Award
    • Aaron Davis
  • Geriatric Excellence Undergraduate Student Award
    • Brandon Griffin

As students go in their spearate directions, the SSON knows they are well prepared to handle whatever is thrown at them. When people read that they graduated from teh SSON, they know they’re not just a nurse, but a MIZZOU NURSE!

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