Thousands Cheer on SSON During Homecoming Parade

Oct. 28, 2014

Thousands lined the streets for the University of Missouri’s annual homecoming Parade. It was the 103rd Homecoming for the university and also part of its 175th anniversary.

Event organizers wanted to make this year’s parade extra special. The parade featured several of the founding families that gave money and land to help establish the university.

Now the university is home to some of the greatest schools and colleges in the nation. One of those is the Sinclair School of Nursing (SSON). Nursing students had been working since the summer to make homecoming a special event.

“Definitely a lot of work. There was a lot of time spent planning, figuring out what’s the best,” SSON Homecoming Liason and sophomore nursing student Erika Buchheit said. “A lot of times we weren’t given information until later on so that took extra planning to try to make everything work together and facilitate.”

With all of that planning came homecoming shirts, decorating downtown Columbia, and connecting with alumni to walk with the school during the parade.

“The parade is always a good time,” junior nursing student Abbey Roderman said. “We get to see all of the alumni come back and all the little kids we get to hand them candy, and all of the floats are so great. It’s exciting to see all of them.”

It’s not only a great time for students and parade goers, but also for nursing school leaders who get to work with the students everyday. Dean Judith Fitzgerald Miller was able to enjoy the parade and lead the students in the parade. She got to sit in a restored 1941 Chevrolet pickup that got several comments throughout the day. But as the school walked through the parade, most of the comments were about the great students of the school.

“They share with all of our fans who are watching, share candy, and share the excitement. What a great school, our students are just so much fun and so wonderful,” Dean Miller said.

Dean Miller said not many other students are not able to match the energy and dedication from nursing students. It’s just some of the things that make the school great. It’s that dedication that made the 103rd Homecoming one of the best yet.

You can view this video either below or on our YouTube page as well as all other videos from the Sinclair School of Nursing.