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Judith Fitzgerald Miller, PhD, RN, FAAN


Judith Fitzgerald Miller

Phone: 573-882-0278
Fax: 573-884-4544

S215 Sinclair School of Nursing
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211

Nursing specialty

Adult nursing

Interest area(s)

Psychosocial responses to chronic illness; hope; cognitive changes-chemotherapy; coping


  • Music Major, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Wisc.
  • Diploma in Nursing, Luther Hospital School of Nursing, Eau Claire, Wisc.
  • BSN, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisc.
  • MSN, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisc.
  • PhD, University of Illinois, Chicago, Ill.
  • Post Doctoral Study, University of Illinois-Chicago

Area of doctoral study


Area of post-doctoral study


Program of research

Judith Fitzgerald Miller has made distinct contributions to the discipline of nursing through her program of research on psychosocial responses to chronic illness and through the resulting publications including three editions of her book, "Coping with Chronic Illness: Overcoming Powerlessness." A series of studies on hope beginning with exploratory, qualitative designs and evolving to studies using triangulated methods have been completed. Most noteworthy in the hope studies has been the development and psychometric testing of the Miller Hope Scale. Other studies on hope have substantiated the importance of family hope and client hope in adjustment to chronic illness. Dr. Miller's studies on the elderly included the "Impact of Arts Interventions in Persons with Dementia" and "Spouse Response to and Management of Aggression in Persons with Dementia." She also has focused on a critical review of the tailored intervention research on health behavior change; developed critical analyses guides for tailoring research and a Guide for Fidelity for Intervention Research. Her most recent work completed was "Coping Challenges after Hospitalization" in collaboration with two nurse colleagues. Currently she is involved in an interdisciplinary study on the "chemobrain" phenomenon in women receiving adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Dr. Miller has received funding for research and nonresearch projects from sources such as: NIH, National Center for Nursing Research, US Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Services-Health Resources Services Administration Advanced Education in Nursing, American Nurses’ Foundation, Alzheimer’s Association, Bader Foundation, and the National League for Nursing as examples. Her most recent funding as principal investigator is $160,000 from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing to complete a study of graduate nursing programs for non nurses, their students and state boards of nursing in which these programs are found.

Selected publications

Articles in Refereed Journals

Tornabeni, J. and Miller, J.F. (2008). The power of partnership to shape the future of nursing: The evolution of the Clinical Nurse Leader. Journal of Nursing Management, 16, 608-613.

Miller, J.F., Piacentine, L. and Weiss, M. (2008). Coping challenges after hospitalization. Clinical Nursing Research.

Bull, M. and Miller, J.F. (2008). Preparing teacher-scholars to reduce health disparities. Nursing Education Perspectives, 29, 156-160.

Miller, J.F. (2007). Hope: A concept central to nursing. Nursing Forum, 42(1), 12-19.


Miller, J.F. (2000). “Coping with chronic illness: Overcoming powerlessness (3rd ed.).” Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Company.

Book Chapter

Dreher, M. and Miller, J.F. (2006). The Clinical Nurse Leader’s Use of Healthcare Informatics to Insure Patient Safety and Quality. In C. Weaver, C. Delaney, R. Carr, P. Weber (Eds). “Nursing and Informatics for the 21st Century: An International Look at Trends, Cases and the Future.” Chicago: Healthcare Information Management Society.

Bio/professional experience

Dean Miller assumed the role of Dean and Professor at the MU Sinclair School of Nursing on August 1, 2008. Most recently, Dean Miller served as Marquette University’s College of Nursing Interim Dean with previous roles as Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research and Professor. Her faculty appointment to Marquette began in 1971.

Judith Miller’s professional leadership is noted by her officerships in Sigma Theta Tau International (Research Committee member and chair), Publications Committee member and chair of the Journal of Nursing Scholarship Review Committee. She held offices in ANA Council for Nurse Researchers and the Midwest Nursing Research Society. She was appointed to the national Task Force on the Implementation of the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) for the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Currently she serves on the CNL Certification Advisory Board and on the newly formed CNL National Steering Committee. She has served on community boards, on the Board of Health and on Health Commissions.

Presentations and lectures

“CNL Roles in Practice.” AACN Spring Conference, Miller, J.F., Washington, DC. April, 2008. (REF)

“Coping Challenges after Hospitalization.” Midwest Nursing Research Society, Miller, J.F., Piacentine, L. & Weiss, M., Omaha, NB, March 24, 2007. (REF)

“Development of a Guide for Fidelity in Intervention Research.” Sigma Theta Tau International. Montreal, CA. July, 2006. (REF)

“Rigor in Tailored Intervention Research: Issues Related to Conceptual Clarity, Intervention Development and Efficacy.” Midwest Nursing Research Society, Ryan, P. and Miller, J.F., Milwaukee, WI, April, 2006. (REF)

“Differentiating the CNL Role from CNS, NP.” Building Bridges to from CNS, NP. Building Bridges to Research Based Practice. Milwaukee, WI, May 9, 2008.

“The Doctor of Nursing Practice.” SE Wisconsin CNS Association. Milwaukee, WI, October, 2007

Honors and awards

  • Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN) (2004)
  • Marquette University Distinguished Scholars’ Recognition (1987-1988, 1992-1996, 1998-2007)
  • Governor’s Task Force on Health Workforce Shortage (2002)
  • Sigma Theta Tau International Distinguished Lecturer Award (1989) Served as lecturer (1990-1992)


  • American Association of Colleges of Nursing Clinical Nurse Leader Steering Committee (2006-present)
  • American Association of Public Health (1997-present)
  • National Association of Boards of Health (1997-present)
  • Midwest Nursing Research Society (1981-present)
  • American Nurses’ Association, Council of Nurse Researchers (1979-present)
  • Sigma Theta Tau International (1977-present)
  • American Nurses’ Association (1965-present)