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Alumni Award Recipients and School Nominees

NAO Award Winners

The 2015 receipients are listed left to right: (Top Row) Wanona Fritz, Cheryl Bausler, Jan Beckett (Bottom Row) Ausanee Wanchai, Yaowarat Matchim, Priscilla and Oz Koeplin

2015 Alumni Award Recipients

2015 Distinguished Friends of the School

2015 Faculty, Staff and Student Nominees

The winners were announced at the 25th Annual Nursing Banquet and Awards Ceremony May 1, 2015. The winners are bolded.

  • Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching
    • Gina Oliver
    • Sherri Ulbrich
  • Betty Crim Faculty Enhancement Award
    • Val Bader
    • Hillary Claunch
    • Lea Wood
  • Staff Award for Overall Excellence
    • Sherry Cass
    • Donna Connot
    • Mark Reedy
  • RN to BSN Student Award for Overall Excellence
    • Sandra Harryman
    • Joseph Johnson
    • William Moran
  • Accelerated BSN Student Award for Overall Excellence
    • Alberto Baltazar
    • Kirsten Dunham
    • Adam Godefroid
  • 7th Semester Student Award for Overall Excellence
    • Courtney Dalton
    • Marina Steinhauer
    • Emily Tegerdine
  • 8th Semester Student Award for Overall Excellence
    • Elizabeth Barton
    • Molly Reinbott
    • Emily Rollings
    • Kendra Schmidt
  • MS(N) Student Award for Overall Excellence
    • Abbie Bredeman
    • Nicole Collins
    • Jeffrey Mattson
  • DNP Student Award for Overall Excellence
    • Nancy Birtley
    • Nicola Keeth
    • Nathan Mozingo
  • PhD Student Award for Overall Excellence
    • Whitney Beaton
    • Vanessa Lyons
    • Pam Ostby