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Alumni Award Recipients and School Nominees

The 2016 receipients are listed left to right: (Top Row) Karen Ehlman, Jo-Ana Chase, Roxanne McDaniel (Bottom Row) Suzanne McDavid, Lanelle Baskett, Sharon Burnett

2016 Alumni Award Recipients

2016 Faculty, Staff and Student Nominees

The winners were announced at the 26th Annual Nursing Banquet and Awards Ceremony April 8, 2016. The winners are bolded.

  • Faculty Award for Excellence in Research
    • Kari Lane
    • Urmeka Jefferson
  • Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching
    • Chris Grider
    • Robin Harris
  • Betty Crim Faculty Enhancement Award
    • Hillary Claunch
    • Gretchn Gregory
    • Michelle Reams
  • Staff Award for Overall Excellence
    • Linda Huether
    • Mark Reedy
    • Enola White
  • RN to BSN Student Award for Overall Excellence
    • Jodi Carroz
    • Jasmine Johnson
  • Accelerated BSN Student Award for Overall Excellence
    • Jordan Fairfield
    • Haley Neff
  • 7th Semester Student Award for Overall Excellence
    • Ciara Demmings
    • Zachary Elmore
    • Brooke Larson
  • 8th Semester Student Award for Overall Excellence
    • Kelly Queathem
    • Colleen Tabaka
    • Lydia Todd
  • MS(N) Student Award for Overall Excellence
    • Amanda Brinkmann
    • Michelle Mergenthaler
  • DNP Student Award for Overall Excellence
    • Karin Baughman
    • Rebekah Flynn
    • Rebecca Sidberry
  • PhD Student Award for Overall Excellence
    • Allison Anbari
    • Donna Prentice
    • Briana Snyder