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Traditional BSN plan of study

For nursing undergraduates, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program is the traditional four-year degree option. As freshman and sophomores, nursing students are considered pre- nursing majors. Students are required to complete approximately 60 semester hours of general-education and prerequisite coursework while applying the clinical nursing major. After a pre-nursing student completes the pre-nursing credits, he or she must earn 60 additional credit hours to complete the clinical major. MU requires a minimum of 120 credit hours for the bachelor’s degree in nursing. Clinical-major applications are available only through the undergraduate student advisors' office (S235).  Deadlines will be announced by the Student Advising Office. 

Academic program plans are developed for each student by the academic advisor based on pre-requisite and co-requisite courses. All students are provided a copy of their program plan. The program plans are also filed in the student's folder in the academic advisor's office and are used by the student and the student's faculty/advisor for planning throughout the remainder of the student's nursing program. Any alteration in a course curriculum has the potential of delaying the completion of the program one or more semesters. Students apply for admission to the clinical major during the last semester of general-education and prerequisite coursework.

Nursing knowledge is developmental in nature. Each course is designed to build on knowledge and skills acquired in previous nursing and non-nursing courses. Therefore, the faculty strongly encourage students to keep syllabi, notes, and required texts from previous courses so that they can refer to them as needed.

A condensed plan of study is below or you may download a more detailed version of the traditional BSN plan of study (PDF).

For pre-nursing majors

Semester 1

NumberCourseCredit hours
1010General Biology3
1100General Chemistry3
1100College Algebra****3
1100 or 1200Political Science or American History3
variesHumanities or Fine Arts*3
Total hours 15

Semester 2

NumberCourseCredit hours
2201/2203Human Anatomy (PTH AS)5
1000English Composition 23
1000Introductory Psychology3
variesHumanities or Fine Arts3
1200 or 4170Statistics or Educational Statistics (ESC PS)3
Total hours 17

Semester 3

NumberCourseCredit hours
3202Human Physiology (MPP)5
N2000Nursing as a Profession**3
1000Introductory Sociology3
2400Human Development4
Total hours 15

Semester 4

NumberCourseCredit hours
2800 Microbiology 4
2380Diet Therapy for Health Professionals (NUTR S)3
N2100Psychosocial Issues in Nursing2
2000 or higherUpper-level behavioral science*3
variesHumanities or Fine Arts Elective3
Total hours 15

For clinical majors

Semester 5

Old curriculum: Clinical nursing students who were admitted into clinical coursework prior to Fall 2010 should follow the old curriculum/timeline when registering on myZou for classes.  The old curriculum/timeline is available in the S235 Student Advising Office, MU School of Nursing, if needed.  

New curriculum (listed below): Students admitted into the clinical coursework Fall 2010 and after should follow the new curriculum when registering on myZou for classes.

NumberCourseCredit hours
N3170Nursing Skills, Technology and Simulations4
N3200Pathophysiology & Therapeutics4
N3270Foundations for Nursing: Physical Assessment & Nursing Process6
N3300Pharmacology & Nursing Implications4
Total hours 18

Semester 6

NumberCourseCredit hours
N3470Mental Health Nursing4
N3670Nursing of Adults I6
N3870Gerontological Nursing Care3
N3900Introduction to Nursing Science3
Total hours 16

Semester 7

NumberCourseCredit hours
N4200***Nursing Ethics & the Law3
N4270Nursing of Children5
N4300Nursing Issues/Leadership & Management2
N4470Nursing of Women & Newborns5
Total hours 15

Semester 8

NumberCourseCredit hours
N4870Nursing of Adults II7
N4970Nursing in Communities (WI course, capstone)5
Total hours 12

* A list of humanity/fine art and/or behavior science options is available in S235 School of Nursing.

** Nursing 2000 is offered only during the fall semester.  N2100 is offered during both fall and spring semesters.  Students must be pre-nursing majors and have a 2.8 or higher GPA to enroll or obtain permission from department/instructor.

*** N4200 should be taken for writing-intensive (WI) credit, 4 credit hours, if the pre-nursing HDFS 2400 requirement was not completed at MU OR if HDFS 2400 was taken at MU during the summer semester.

**** Please visit for more information on the ALEKS math placement requirements.